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Chocolate Chip Overnight Oats

Is anyone else obsessed with overnight oats? When I first got into fitness they were really popular and I became addicted to these instantly. I am not a morning person at all so these are perfect because it gives me some more time to sleep in! I make these the night before and then in the morning I wake up and just go to my fridge and BAM, breakfast is done.

What you need:
1 mason jar – I made the awesome decals on ours.
1/2 cup oats
1/2 cup of almond milk
1/4 cup greek yogurt
A sprinkle of chocolate chips
1-2 tbsp of peanut butter – sometimes I like to add a little more ( I am a peanut butter junkie!)

I pour all of these ingredients into the mason jar and I mix them up. I always start with the oats, then the almond milk, then greek yogurt & peanut butter. I then mix them up with a knife or spoon and put the lid on the mason jar and allow them to sit in the fridge overnight. I always tend to make sure that they are sitting in the fridge for atleast 8 hours!

Sometimes in the morning, I will add a little bit of almond milk again. These are extremely filling and I usually have a hard time finishing the jar!

If you decide to make this (which you won’t regret), let me know what you think!

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