DIY Lavender Body Scrub for Smooth Skin

I don’t know about y’all but this time of the year my skin gets so dry! It is sooo important to make sure you are taking care of skin. I like to use chemical free products on my skin because ew, chemicals! It is actually disgusting at some of the chemicals that are used in the products that go on our skin, it infuriates me actually. It is also very important to exfoliate your skin on the weekly. I decided to make my own body scrub and let’s just say I fell in love! This stuff smells amazing. I keep some in my gym bag and my bag smells so good because of it!

I try an use this scrub 2-3x a week depending on how dry my skin is feeling. A lot of these ingredients are common household ingredients.


 1 cup of Epsom bath salts
A couple tablespoons of coconut oil – I just keep spritzing it in until I get the texture that I want
10-15 drops of Lavender essential oil

I mix it all together in a bowl and then put it in cute little mason jar holders that I get off of amazon. Body scrubs like this make the perfect gift! 😉  I don’t always use Lavender essential oil – you can use a different essential oil that is good for the skin. I think I will try to make one with Frank next batch. As far as essential oils go, I use Young Living essential oils. I have used other brands and this one was the brand that I felt actually worked and they didn’t smell like they had any chemicals in them.

Why are these 3 ingredients important? Coconut Oil is good for nourishing the skin and moisturizing it. It can also help with stopping wrinkles! Lavender oil is good for a calming and relaxing scent. I also like lavender essential oil because it helps with acne. It is also great for a bath detox – stay tuned for that blog post in the future! Epsom salt is good for exfoliating and contains anti – inflammatory properties and helps you feel relaxed – which is just what I need after a gym workout!

Have you made your own body scrub before? If so, what do you use to make yours?

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