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Sunday Night Meal Prepping

Meal prepping is such a lifesaver guys. If you don’t meal prep, I totally recommend it.

The three main reasons that I meal prep are so I stop eating out, save myself some time, and mainly to prevent myself from eating junk. Honestly, if I don’t have meals prep I will just go out to eat. I get so bored with cooking and I never know what to cook since I am such a picky eater and I feel like I am constantly eating the same thing over and over again when I cook. When I am hungry, I would rather know I have stuff in the fridge that is already made and I can just pop it into the microwave and have it ready for me in a couple of minutes. Cooking foods just takes way to long sometimes and I think meal prepping helps me stay on track and prevents me from constantly eating bad. I know the weeks that I don’t meal prep my healthy eating habits are out the window.

Every Sunday I usually will spend about 1-2 hours cooking/cleaning to get ready for the week. In order for me to cook, I need to have my kitchen spotless (OCD probs). I usually will make a dish with a protein/carb or a protein/veggie, it all depends on how I am feeling that week. I am a big carb junkie so I tend to lean towards my carbs more than anything but then I find plain rice so boring.

This week I made some turkey meat with taco seasoning and I will be having it with parmesan couscous. I also like to make sure I have snacks that I can just grab and go. Therefore this week I made some energy bite balls – recipe to come if you are interested! I also have bananas, greek yogurt, and string cheese so that I can grab these snacks.

My typical day of meal prepped foods looks like this: 
Breakfast – Overnight Oats
Snack – Protein shake – I go to the gym at 5am
Lunch– Smoothie
Dinner – Meal prepped containers
Snack – Banana/Energy bite

What are your favorite meals to meal prep?

2 thoughts on “Sunday Night Meal Prepping

  1. Meal prep is SO satisfying to me haha. I love being finished and looking at all the containers of food I just made! It’s honestly so addictive because it makes life WAY easier, especially when I’m trying to run out the door in the mornings. I love making veggie sandwiches or burrito bowls!
    And those energy bites look super yummy!

    Susie |

    1. I will need to try burrito bowls! I have yet to do that. I love coming home and knowing I already have my meal made – I get so mad at myself when I don’t meal prep

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