Christmas Gift Guide For Her Under $50 – 2017

Ahh! Only 20 more days until Christmas! Over the next few days, I will be posting some holiday gift guides for ya’ll. I am a VERY last minute shopper and each year I tell myself that

I won’t wait until last minute anymore, well here I am guys – last minute shopping ONCE AGAIN!

As I am creating my own shopping list I have come up with some MUST HAVES for her! I have attached the links to these all just to make shopping easier for you!

Ten Gifts for Her:

1. Slouchy beanie with pompom. ($12.99) I mean come on how cute is this? The weather around here is starting to get chilly and you definitely don’t want to be having a cold head, beanies are great because you can look cute while trying to stay warm.

2. Blanket scarf. ($12.99) I have not met a girl that doesn’t like scarves, blanket scarfs are perfect for either a dress up or dress down day. They are great at keeping you warm on those upcoming chilly days.

3. Boot Socks ($12.99) I may or may not have a slight obsession with boot socks. Cable knit boot socks are so comfortable and the fact they come in multiple colors is a WIN! Every boot lover needs some boot socks to go along with their outfit. I wear my boot socks even on lazy days when I am just walking around my house! I plan on purchasing more of these.

4. Moccasins ($39.95) This brand tends to be the most comfortable of moccasin slippers. Minnetonka moccasins do run a tad bit small so take that into mind when ordering this shoe!

5. Letterboard ($24.99) For the home decor lover, felt letterboards are super fun to have in every home and they are a simple home decor item! I know these have become recently popular. I can’t wait to get my hands on one – hopefully after Christmas!

6. Dead Sea Mud Mask ($14.20) Absolutely must have! I recommend every girl needs to have a great mask that she can use on her face! This exact mask is good quality and not filled with any chemicals.

7. Fruit Infused Water Bottle ($12.97) Water bottles like this are great for anyone who is health conscious and likes to make sure they are getting their daily water intake, I think it is great having fruit infused water bottle makes it easier to not get so bored with water.

8. Hello Gorgeous Mug ($24.99) This mug is great for the coffee/tea drinker! Owning a mug with a positive saying will certainly cheer any body up on a bad day.

9. Soy Candle ($24.99) Great for the candle lover in your life! Soy candles are better quality over regular candles, I like how this candle is infused with essential oils, which we all know I love!


10. Fuzzy Blankets ($25.99) Are you catching onto the trend of soft fuzzy things? Girls love it! Just like scarves, blankets are one of those things that you can just never have too many of.


Hope you enjoy some of these gifts and they help make your Christmas shopping a tad bit easier!

Question for you:
What is your favorite thing to get as a gift?
Were any of these something you had on your list?

DISCLAIMER – Some links used in this post are affiliate links. I did not get paid for writing about these products.

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