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List of 5 lemon water benefits & why I drink it every day

Hi There! Long time no see?! I got super caught up with life and I actually deleted social media for awhile. I figured since I didn’t have social media I wouldn’t be able  to run a blog without it…FALSE!

Anyway, I am back! I am here to tell y’all today why I drink lemon water everyday and about the lemon water benefits. Every morning I usually drink a glass of cold lemon water. It’s recommended to drink lemon water before you eat your breakfast. I eat the same thing for breakfast every morning and I usually have my glass of water gone before I go to start eating! Some of my friends drink their glass of water with their breakfast because they don’t like waiting to eat.

Here is the list of 5 reasons how lemon water benefits the body:

1.Lemon water is good for detoxing the body. Detoxing the body is a must! Lemon water can stimulate your liver therefore helping flush out toxins from. This also helps flush out the urinary tract system and get rid of any toxins along the urinary tract.

2. Reduces inflammation. This is great for your joints and any pains your body may have. Inflammation can cause a lot of unnecessary pain in the body. Joints in the body take a lot of everyday stress which reducing unnecessary inflammation can make a big difference in ones every day lift.

3.Better skin. Who doesn’t want better skin? Lemon water hydrates the skin allowing skin to look the way it should look by plumping it up. It also glows from the vitamin C in lemons like skin should glow. I love seeing my skin with a natural glow to it.

4. Helps with weight loss. Lemon will boost the metabolism which is needed to help lose weight. I love anything that will increase my metabolism because naturally I have a slow metabolism.

5. Increase immune system.  Lemon is a known antioxidant, vitamin C helps protect the cells. Drinking lemon water daily ensures the body is getting enough vitamin C to fight off any cods


Questions for you:
Do you drink lemon water?
Have you ever taken a social media break?

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